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We’ve all been there: one moment you’re driving near Boerne, San Antonio, and Kerrville, TX, and the next you notice a strange light on your dashboard. When you aren’t sure what it is or what it means, you probably don’t know what to do next.

At Toyota Boerne, we are here to show you what your Toyota Corolla dashboard lights mean, so you’ll never be in the dark. Then, don’t hesitate to contact us directly if you still have questions!

Warning Lights

Toyota Corolla Dashboard LightsThere are two classes of lights to look out for. One is your Warning Lights, which are designed to warn you of malfunctions in various systems of your vehicle. These will range in importance, with some meaning that you need to pull over right away and call a tow truck and others meaning that you can reach your destination and make an appointment with your service center when you can.

Brake Light

The word BRAKE will appear to let you know that either your brake fluid is low, or your brake system is malfunctioning. Either way, this is one light that means you should pull over and contact a service center immediately.

Electric Power Steering Warning Light

If you see a symbol that looks like a steering wheel with an exclamation point beside it, you’re looking at the Electric Power Steering warning light. This is meant to warn you that there is a problem with your electric power steering system, and you should get it inspected soon.

Malfunction Indicator Lamp

This looks like the outline of an engine with the work “CHECK” underneath. If you see this light, it means that there could be a malfunction in the electronic engine control system, electronic throttle control system, or electronic continuously variable transmission control system, if equipped. You’ll want to make an appointment for an inspection once you see this light.

Master Warning Light

You’ll see a triangle with an exclamation point in the center if the Master Warning light comes on. This is to warn you that it detects some kind of malfunction in your vehicle. Since this can be a more general warning, you should get your vehicle serviced as soon as possible.

Indicator Lights

The other class of lights you will run into are Indicator Lights. These are here to let you know that certain systems are operating. You are probably most familiar with your turning indicator lights, but there are many more that you are likely to see on your dashboard.

Automatic High Beam Indicator

This will look similar to your regular high beam light; it’s a side view of a light with five lines coming out of it, however, this also will have an “A” in the center. You can control your Automatic High Beams by pushing your headlight lever into the AUTO position. When it automatically turns on, you will see this indicator light.

Brake Hold Indicator

This light is simply the word “HOLD” inside of a box. When you see this, it means that your Corolla has engaged Brake Hold. When your car is in drive, neutral, or sport, and you hit the brake to stop your car, Brake Hold will kick in to keep your brakes applied even if your foot isn’t on the pedal. It will disengage off when you hit the gas pedal.

ECO Driving Indicator Light

The Continuously Variable Transmission can have the ECO feature. This light will look like the word “ECO” inside a leaf shaped box. You’ll see this light when you are using Eco-friendly driving. It will turn off if you accelerate beyond the limit of ECO driving or when you stop driving.

Learn More About Toyota Corolla Dashboard Lights

If you ever can’t identify a light on your dashboard, reach out to our service center. We have a team full of experts who can help you decipher what your car is trying to tell you. Let us help you so you can keep driving near those Boerne, San Antonio, and Kerrville, Texas, roads in confidence.

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