Toyota 4Runner Dashboard Lights

Toyota 4Runner Dashboard Lights

Some things in life go together without question. Peanut butter and jelly. The state of Texas and football. Your Toyota 4Runner and its dashboard lights. The intricacies of your off-road-ready SUV may sometimes feel like a foreign language regardless of how long you’ve been driving—which is why the Vic Vaughan Toyota of Boerne team is here to ease your mind when you’re behind the wheel.

Dashboard Lights

The Importance of Understanding Dashboard Lights

The flow of real-time information plays a pivotal role in the performance of your Toyota 4Runner. Pertinent info is displayed through a variety of lights, typically either bright red or yellow. Depending on the sign, these lights could convey anything from pinpointing urgent matters to alerting you to the functionality of one or more systems.

The two types of dashboard lights you’ll see each time you drive include warning lights and indicators:

  • Warning light(s) are used to alert you to potential malfunctions or urgencies anywhere within your vehicle. This could include engine performance, tire condition, or drivetrain management. If you see these lights, consider stopping by our service center.
  • Indicator(s), on the other hand, are generally used to provide reassurance that one or more 4Runner systems is working as intended. A good example of this is the activation of an advanced safety feature. Think of it as added peace of mind.

With that being said, below are five warning lights and indicators to always keep an eye out for.

Oil Change Light

Low Fuel Level

Keep an Eye on These Lights

Automatic High Beam Indicator

When your Automatic High Beam lamps are activated, this indicator switch will light up. The symbol is designated to alert the driver to its features running in real time. This system uses camera sensors placed in the windshield to adjust the lighting dependent on vehicles in front of the 4Runner.

Eco Driving Indicator

The Eco Driving Indicator light will switch on when the driver has selected the Eco Driving Mode. When

driving with this mode, decreased acceleration will allow for better fuel efficiency when traveling long distances.

Low Engine Oil

The Low Engine Oil warning light will illuminate once the 4Runner has detected oil levels that fall below its recommended threshold. When this warning light comes on, we suggest bringing your vehicle to our service center as soon as you can.

Low Fuel Level

Similar to the Low Engine Oil warning light, the Low Fuel Level light will show on the 4Runner dashboard once the remaining fuel tank dips below 3.5 gallons. Do not let the SUV run until empty; stop for gas as soon as you can.

Slip Indicator Light

Lastly, the Slip Indicator Light is an imperative warning light to watch out for. There could be a variety of reasons leading to this warning, including malfunctions with the Trailer Sway Control System, Downhill Assist Control System, Hill-Start Assist Control System, and more. Ignoring this light could potentially lead to a collision if not properly diagnosed.

Stop by for Assistance

By following the Toyota 4Runner dashboard lights guide the team at Vic Vaughan Toyota of Boerne has put together, we hope you’re able to better understand the intricacies of your off-road-ready SUV. We’re always around to answer your questions, so contact us today to learn more.

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